Custom docker image regtest 24.0.1

In order to have the latest Bitcoin image, 24.0.1, have to use a custom image. Can directly change to the Deployer's one and start with step 5, or deploy yours by following all the steps.

  1. build the docker image by running this in location of Bitcoin.dockerfile wanted and selecting to name it bitcoin with tag local

docker build -f /Users/deployer/Desktop/DegenSoftware/rpc-22/clarinet/dockerfiles/devnet/Bitcoin.dockerfile -t bitcoin:local .
  1. to upload it on docker hub it has to be of the following format: docker_user/repository:tag

docker tag bitcoin:local bowtieddeployer/bitcoin:24.0.1
  1. Create a repository using the docker website

  1. Push image to repository

docker push bowtieddeployer/bitcoin:24.0.1
  1. Change the image used in Devnet.toml

bitcoin_node_image_url = "bowtieddeployer/bitcoin:24.0.1"
  1. Check version by running

# in clarinet project terminal 
clarinet integrate
# in docker image terminal
bitcoin-cli --version

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