The Front End will facilitate the use of facilities created by the smart contract and the Bitcoin scriptings. Participants can fully configure their on-chain settings from this user-friendly interface and perform fund-related operations.
There are multiple sections with specific actions that are displayed to users based on their status on the mining pool.

Status type

  • Viewer - the user is not logged in.
  • NormalUser - the user is logged in, but did not asked to join the mining pool.
  • Waiting - the user asked to join and now the miners who were when he asked have to vote it in order to decide if he should join or be removed. For a positive join vote it's required to pass the threshold at the moment of calling the join function ( 67% of the number of miners ).
  • Pending - the user was already voted positive by the miners of the pool. Will become miner after the threshold number of blocks ( 100 blocks ) are passed from the last pending call. A single pending call adds all the pending participants to the mining pool and can be called by anyone, but the motive is mostly on the pending participants to call it.
  • Miner - the user is in the mining pool

Dashboard pages

  • Home
  • Dashboard
  • Mining Pool - only miners
    • Status
    • Miners
  • Voting - only miners
    • Status
    • Joiners
    • Removals
    • Notifier