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Smart Contracts

The composition:
Easier explanation on actual implementation

Upgraded DegenV2

Modular function to call. Here will be merged the OG degens, Miami and NYC. This collection will interact with the components. These NFTs will be disassembled into components, assembling components will result in a StacksDegen and swapping is done using a component from any collection and one StacksDegen.

NFT Customization Wrapper

This is the wrapper over all of the components. It keeps track of every action done and what should be done next. If user burns Stacks Degens NFT for disassemble, it will keep track of that in a queue and let the admin know it has to mint the respective components in exchange.
Deployment on testnet

OG Smart Contracts

From this collection, the users are able to upgrade their NFT into Customizable Stacks Degens. Will be able to change components between components that once were in different collections.
Miami Degens Deployment on testnet
NYC Degens Deployment on testnet