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NFT Web App Integration

What you will learn during this workshop

  • how to host NFTs metadata and images on secure decentralized storage - Pinata
  • how to launch a basic NFT smart contract
  • how to use the stacks explorer for deploying smart contracts and calling functions
  • how to create a basic react Dapp using Stacks Starter.js with login feature
  • how to get all the NFTs owned by the logged user from a given NFT smart contract using the Hiro API on top of the Stacks node
  • how to advance and develop the Dapp
    • display all the NFTs owned images in the app
    • select and keep track of the chosen playable character
    • add the game as a scene to the react app
    • integrate the image of the selected NFT into the game
Set up Prerequirements before the workshop
Workshop Recording